Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon has a Nice Camera

A lot of drone camera reviews have mentioned about this budget drone that can be quite large in size. However, it comes with its own travel case and is designed with a sunshield and a neck strap. There is also a car charger and a SteadyGrip handheld mount. The controller of this drone has its own GPS and is called the Wizard remote controller and resembles a TV remote. There is a touchscreen display for controlling the drone and it can be easily controlled by making some simple gestures using the remote. Other noteworthy points are also detailed here.

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  • Rich features can be expected – A lot of drone cameras reviews have mentioned about it due to the number of features that it sports. The three axis gimbal of the drone can be very useful for its stability and there may not be any “jell-o” effect during a shoot. The geo fence barrier feature can be useful to ensure that it does not stray away from the controller beyond a distance of 300 feet. It also comes with two smart semi auto flying modes that can be quite satisfactory for a pilot. Everything can be seen on the fixed screen of the remote. However, on the flip side, these images cannot be transferred to a bigger screen. Also, it does not have waypoint navigation.
  • Flight performance and video quality is outstanding – This best drone camera can shoot Full HD videos at 120 fps. Ultra HD 4k videos can be shot by its internal camera at 30 fps. Recordings are made by it at 50 Mbps so that details are captured wonderfully and all images may look quite sharp. The gimbal of this drone ensures considerable stability although getting used with the Wizard controller may take some time as there is no automated landing or takeoff. It can stay in air or at least 20 minutes and in low battery condition, it send a warning to the controller.

Together with the camera and all these features, this drone is very highly desired.