Why You Should Consider Buying Your Smoke Online and the Varieties on Offer

One of the striking features of shisha pen is that it offers a variety of choice as to what you want to smoke.

hookah australia

Varieties of shisha pens

hookah australia offers you a range of choices to choose from while you are browsing online and buying electronic shisha. There are numerous flavoured shisha pens to choose from-starting from fruit flavoured ones like cheery flavoured electronic shisha, banana flavoured electronic shisha to red bull flavoured electronic shisha.

The list is endless and so are the choices.

Why buy online

If you decide to buy electronic pen online then you will be able to get them at a much cheaper rate simply because you are able to negate the money that the retailers charge and buy directly from the manufacturer.

In addition, you need to be aware of the fact that websites offer additional discounts and interesting incentives to buyers who purchase products in bulk. You get doorstep delivery at the time of your convenience along with multiple payment options to choose from, including the much-preferred cash on delivery.

All these factors create a very strong proposition as to why you should buy your hookah pen online.

Possible health risks of electronic shisha

Some people are sceptical about the safety of electronic shisha, even though no evidences of harmful toxins have been found in shisha pens. Contradictors point out that until date no thorough study has been conducted on the safety of electronic hookah so it cannot be unanimously deemed safe.

It has been recently observed that even though shisha pens are claimed as nicotine free but some companies do have varying amounts of nicotine in their shisha pens. The bright side of all these is that shisha pens do not contain carbon monoxide and cancer inducing substances that have been found in abundance in traditional hookah.