What does EPC stand for and its importance

EPC is an acronym for EPC Certificate. These certificates basically tell about the energy efficiency of a property. These were first introduced on 1 August, 2007 in England and Wales. If a property is built, sold, or rented, then the owner needs to present the EPC to new buyer or tenant. Energy Performance Certificate gives the rating from A to G, depending on how energy efficient the property is. The rating scale is colour coded from A which is dark green in colour to G which is red in colour. GradeA means property is more energy efficient and grade G clearly means it’s least efficient. This tells that the properties with higher ratings are more likely to have less energy bills and properties with lower ratings will put more burden on the pockets.Besides this, EPCs also include other information like carbon dioxide emissions, contact details on which you can make complaints, the details about the person who did the assessment, etc.

EPC Certificate

Why is it important?

It’s very important to show the would be buyer or tenant the EPCs as this will help them to make any decision. EPCcertificate includes two major points. First isthe information about energy cost and energy use of a property and second is the recommendations on ways to save money and how to reduce energy use.

The EPC remains valid for 10 years. It’s always good to know about all the things before a person moves in to his or her new home. EPCs give the clear idea about how much a person needs to pay on energy in future. It’s completely an individual’s choice whether he or she wants to pay their money on energy bills or on the measures to make property more energy efficient. More energy efficient properties will help to make environment greener and healthier.