Things to Check before Buying an Air Purifier

If you are planning to get an air purifier for your house, there are certain things that you need to know about them. To help you out, we have covered it all in this article.

Things to Check

Before you go get an air filter for your house, make sure you check the following things first:

  1. Room Size: The first thing that you need to consider is the size of your room. There are different types of air purifiers that are available in the market vary in sizes. Try to opt a purifier that is capable of purifying the air in a room that has more space than the actual size of your room.
  1. Type of Filter: Before you get an air purifier for your home, it is important that you do some research all the types of filter that are available and can be used in the purifier. The filter should be capable of filtering pollutants like dust, smoke, pollen and additional harmful impurities from the air. There are mainly four types of filter that you can choose from HEPA, antibacterial, electrostatic precipitator and charged media.

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  1. Air Change Rate: The number of times that the purifier cleans the air inside a room is known as the air change rate. So,if you are thinking to get an air purifier with a 5ACH rating, it means that it will purify the air every 12 minutes. Go for a purifier with 5ACH to 6 ACH if, you have any family member with asthma or any kind of allergy.
  1. Activated Carbon Layer: An air purifier with an activated carbon layer is one of the best purifiers that you can get for your home. The carbon layer can absorb all the harmful chemicals and gases present in the air. Larger the carbon layer, the more chemicals it absorbs.

You will get a variety of home air purifiers in the market to choose from such as HEPA air purifier, ionizer purifier and etc. Based on the severity of the pollution you are surrounded with, you need to select your air purifier. To know more about it, you can read air purifier reviews.