The Contents of the Whizzinator Kit

If you have heard of the Whizzinator, you would want to know what it is. To put things in simple terms, it nothing but a prosthetic penis. That is what it is. You can strap it on to yourself. The interesting aspect is that you can fill the pouch of the prosthetic penis with synthetic urine.

Supposedly, this product is very reliable when taking urine tests, even when you are under close supervision. When taking such tests, you would want to get a clean sample into the cup. With a product like this, you can do exactly that!

Looks like the real thing!

The product comes in the form of a kit, which obviously consists of the fake penis. It comes with straps and waistband for keeping it in place. Actually, the things so natural that you would yourself be surprised in the first place. Considering that, you can fool anyone with the Whizzinator. If you want you can even play pranks with it.


The synthetic urine

There is also a packet of synthetic urine included in the kit. The synthetic urine comes in the form of a powder. You can mix it with water and fill up the pouch with it. The synthetic urine also resembles real urine, so you don’t have to worry about that.

When you buy the kit, you can choose to buy extra packets of the synthetic urine powder. That way, you are secured of multiple usage of the product. You can use it whenever you want and as many times as you want.

The Whizzinator kit also comes with heat pads. These heat pads make sure that the fake urine is heated to the body temperature and remains at that temperature. Cold urine is always a clear-cut giveaway. So, the heat pads take care of that.