The Best Tips To Avail The Umrah Packages: Make The Journey Successful!

The duas and azkar must be learnt by heart. Start all the preparations two months prior to the pilgrimage. It is recommended to start walking and keeping yourself fit beforehand because a trip to Makkah and Medina requires a lot of walking.

Do some research?

Well, a little bit of homework is important before going for the Umrah pilgrimage. Understand the importance of Hajj and Umrah including their differences and similarities. There are many books available in the libraries as well as online which provide detailed description about this Islamic tradition. So, it will be very useful if you read about the history and some hand on experiences about other travellers.

Documents are a necessity

Make sure to get a copy of all the documents like passport, hotel bookings, visa, air tickets, and all other identity proofs. Not only that, mail the copies to self as well as to a few close ones so that a copy is always available if the original documents are misplaced.

umrah packages

Choose a good company

A good trip requires a good company, isn’t it? Good friends can have a nice impact on the journey. That is what will make the pilgrimage enjoyable. Try to go with either family or close friends. Plus there are many websites which offer cheap Umrah packages if a family trip is made.

Care about hygiene!

It’s mandatory and customary to chop off their hair by some length during Umrah. So, it’s better to carry a brand new razor or scissor, which can be given to the barber to maintain proper hygiene. Obviously, nobody would want to get Hepatitis from a used blade, right?

Drop a visit to Rawdah

It is a heaven for the pilgrims found in Prophet’s mosque in Madina. Many people dream of praying there. So, the best place to go to Rawdah is during night time. It is very serene and peaceful.

Have a beautiful and spiritual journey to Umrah. Try to avail the hajj packages from those websites if needed.

Do not forget to make Dua