Shisha Pens Are Modern World Smoking Accessories

Smoking is an ancient tradition dates back to around 4000 B.C. in shamanistic rituals in Americas. Cultivation and trading of tobacco became a usual thing with arrival of the Europeans in 16th century. However, cannabis was very common in the Middle east well before use of tobacco that was consumed in a social group using type of water pipe called a “hookah”. The concept of a hookah was based on vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco or cannabis through a water basin before inhalation. This glass basin was sometimes being glass based or some other suitable material. Later, materials like copper, brass and low-quality alloys were used in making hookahs. Innovations in smoking accessories developed new products and one such relatively new product is e-hookah, also called as electronic shisha pen or stick.

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Shisha pen vs e-cigarette

Shisha differs from e-cigarette in the sense that the former doesn’t use nicotine for consumption and is just meant for flavored enjoyment, whereas in the case of latter a dose of nicotine is administered to tobacco smokers using this instrument. An electronic shisha is battery-operated like an e-cigarette. The device is available in disposable or reusable type that can be used to inhale a variety of fruit flavors. Both shisha and e-cigarette do not involve smoke inhalation and thus, less harmful than traditional cigarette smoking. Using these products doesn’t require isolation or hide from a crowd because there is no emission of smoke that can be objected by anyone.

Where can you get electronic hookah products?

The products are easily available on online shops that sell a large variety of products such as hookah pen in different fruit flavors. Hookah Australia is a famous name in the electronic smoking industry. The products are not sold to anyone who has not attained the age of 18 years like traditional cigarettes. The online shops for these products always ask your age before you can proceed with an access to the website and don’t allow access if you declare yourself to be under 18.