Renowned Jewellery Brands around the Globe

Diamonds are a women’s best friend. Since the beginning of mankind, humans have made jewellery and wore it as a symbol of superiority. Over the years the jewellery market has evolved worldwide. It has become a status symbol for many people now.  The jewellery that a woman wear at an occasion takes away all the limelight as it is one of the most luxurious items. Many jewellery brands are started and managed by some great renowned business people such as Moti Ferder, Tiffany, Kokichi and much more. Let’s know more about the top jewellery brands in the world.

Starting off with one of the most favourite and renowned brand in the world we have Bvlgari made in Rome. They have always been one step ahead in making something unique. Its market price is a testament to its brand value. Another famous luxury brand that makes high-end jewellery includes the name Chopard. They use only the finest quality elements to make their pieces and so they charge a much higher price than a lot of their competitors. Along the coast of California, USA, we have another famous brand that is now known by a lot of houses. This brand is none other than Lugano Diamonds by Moti Ferder. In the recent times, many family businesses have made their reputation in the global market. In our list, we also have one of the most famous jewellery brands ever; Tiffany & Co. Who could have thought that a company established in 1837 would after almost two centuries be the predominant giant of the jewellery industry? One simply doesn’t visit their store and come out empty handed. With a range

The loves for diamonds have never diminished by ounce in the past century as they are still the most expensive jewelry element that a person can put on. We wish you the best jewelry shopping experience.