Razer Keyboards: For A Gaming Experience Like Never Before

Keyboards are probably one of the vital assets in a good computer, and if it’s a mechanical one, then it provides a best in class experience with high durability. As a gamer, if you are looking for one, then all your worries end here as Razer has launched a series of keyboardswith features and durability never imagined before.

Why Razer??

Razer keyboard, a multi-award winning company, is producingkeyboards for centuries. Their keyboard is best in class in their features and abilities, providing a new standard for all gaming world.

razer keyboard

What makes Razer keyboards the best?

Initially, the mechanical ones were used for typing purposes and for gaming where misclicks are permissible. But by 2010 Razer launched mechanical keyboards for gaming purposes with the introduction of Razer Black Window keyboard. The Razer Black Window is a typical gaming keyboard with durable and fast responsive key switches placed in with rubber domes giving perfect durability and quick responsiveness.

After four years, the Razer Black Window Chroma X was launched with even more classified features. The newkeyboards have personal customization features like changing the LED backlight with more than 17.8 million color options.

Other than the customization options what also makes these keyboards the best is that they are rigorously esports athlete tested. Also, Razer offers a guaranteed 80 million keystrokes where the regular ones provideup to 50 million keystrokes only.

For some users, the clicking sounds of keyboards are intriguing for them the series Razer Ornata Chroma and Razer Ornata provides with clicking noises never before. They are made with a new technology which Razer calls “mecha-membrane keyboards”. They are tactile with clicking sounds in both ways while going down and while going up. It makes you feel you are typing at double speed. These keyboards are also cost-effective the Razer Ornata, and Ornata Chroma ranges around $99.99 while the Razer Black Window Chroma X is about $149.99.

So with high end, durability and mecha membrane keyboards make them the best gaming keyboard.