Peaks the company saw after getting Chris Stakich as the CEO

Rustic Pathways of which Chris Stakich is the CEO is a company whose main goal is to take their students to different parts of the world especially the places around the globe which are remote and less visited by any such kind of company.

Few facts that Rustic pathways serve well

 Rustic pathways CEO makes sure that their students learn about human community services by doing live community improvement projects. There are clients who willingly offer help by proving funds or any other materialistic things required for these types of projects of a social cause. He made sure that the company creates a huge impact around the globe by showing positive results. Rustic Pathways even gathers the sum of money for the places or countries they serve and helps the communities they develop their projects on.

rustic pathways ceo

Lifestyle of Chris Stakich

He prefers starting his day early and generally maintains the order. He gets up at around 4 AM. He has a stretch out the schedule for the day to make the most out of it. For the next one to one and a half hour just after waking up, he does meditation and reading to increase focus to make the rest of the working hours fruitful followed by checking emails for one hour and setting up the work schedule in mind. The next 2 hours that is still 9 AM he is a dutiful father and takes care of his kids by feeding them breakfast and dropping them at school. After that his working our starts where he attends meetings, decides projects and travel if required. By the time the clock ticks 5 in the evening, he stops all his work for the day and comes back home to spend some family time with kids and his wife and stays away from any technology or work until next morning.