Mobile bay dental clinics and the expenses that come along with such a setup

Mobile bay dental clinics are expensive to set up

A very important factor that causes a hindrance in setting up a mobile bay dental clinic is the initial cost of setting up such a big mobile facility. Compared to normal clinics, dental clinics as it is are much more expensive to set up. The cost of buying a proper dental chair is huge. Then buying equipments like X-ray machines also account for some expenditure.

To add to all the expenses that normal dental clinics have, mobile dental clinics like dentist mobile al has to create a well functioning air conditioning system in order to prevent infections and its spread from the surrounding areas and patients. Buying of a proper working big vehicle like a bus is also required for setting up the clinic.

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Employing people to assist, manage and look after the clinic is also important because a doctor cannot handle everything by himself or herself. If one takes all these very basic requirements of setting up a mobile dental clinic into the picture and then imagines the cost, you sure will realise that it does indeed require the investment of a huge capital.

Disadvantages of mobile dental clinics

While there are numerous advantages of mobile bay dental clinics like paediatric dentist mobile al, there are a few disadvantages as well.

  • Since the initial cost of setup is very high, not many dentists incline towards setting up their own mobile dental clinics. Getting loans may be a problem as well.
  • These clinics are often not viewed by the people as community-based because of their mobility. They hardly stay at a particular place for a long time, which acts both for its favour and against it.
  • Providing security to the vehicle is important and maintaining it incurs a huge expenditure as well.