Massage Therapy for Pre and Post Natal Pregnancy

A pregnancy can often be accompanied with anxiousness, loss of appetite and irregular metabolism. A pre and post natal pregnancy massage therapy can be the ideal way to get over the mental and physical stress. Depending upon a person, relaxation or deep tissue massage can be chosen for the purpose. A massage can help in improving blood circulation, fluid retention and can help reduce the fatigue. Pregnancy is often characterized by aches and pains here and there and all these types of inconveniences can be managed through the massage session. We take a detailed look into each one of these therapies one by one.

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  • A prenatal pregnancy massage can be useful – While visiting for the first time during this phase, a person will be instructed on the correct posture of lying down for the massage. However, for pregnancies greater than 13 weeks, it is always recommended to lie sideways for the purpose. Different massage therapy Toronto can be available like deep tissue, relaxation, therapeutic and and lymphatic drainage massage, each having its own significance and use. A relaxation massage can take care of metabolism whereas lymphatic drainage massage is more suited for taking care of swelling and increasing circulation. Therapeutic massage can be more suited to manage stress and enhancing muscle strength.
  • Post natal massage can help come back in shape – A post natal massage therapy can help in beating the stress and restore the energy levels to pre pregnancy condition. As usual, the session may focus on the ideal lying posture and thereafter massage may be concentrated to high stress areas like neck, shoulders and the lower back. The abdominal muscles can be toned up by placing a warm pack on the stomach.

Blood circulation and oxygen level can be enhanced and hormones can be re balanced through this way for the mother. Hence, pre and post natal pregnancy massages are very much desired.