Mark Dubowitz Explains Whether Iran Going to Take a Turn?

When it comes to the power play with weapons, the most go to choice happens to be nuclear nowadays. Humans have evolved so much that they wish to accomplish their victories by spending the least amount of energy. As a matter of fact, that might just be the reason to fear another world war. The biggest concern right now is whether the Iran nuclear deal is going to cost humanity a big price? Mark Dubowitz has many things to say about such.

The Iran nuclear deal

Dubowitz, the CEO of foundation for the democracies of defense, brings light to the much-avoided topic. In fact, he has opposed the deal so hardly back in the year of 2015.

Iran has always been the receiving country. Receiving all the poor judgments, Iran has fetched the hard luck. As the longtime effect of their oppressive state fades, are they not going to counter-attack?

It is this thing that you need to know about the Iranian nuclear deal.

Iran is still suppressed

The nuclear deal honestly is nothing more than a false precedence over what freedom feels like. The freedom to be on their own is like a mirage and Iran is still living in that puddle.

Six countries, European Union and the United States of America, have joined hands in passing over the first nuclear weapon of Iran. It is this act that Mark Dubowitz so strongly has opposed.

The country of Iran can build and carry out research on developing their nuclear weapons. However, the monetary fund is going from their controlling countries. These six countries all have joined their hands into the funding scheme because they are the real dominant ones.

Mark Dubowitz explains why

Iran is still in the grasp. If this country tries to use the monetary resources into something else, or misuse it, there will be consequences!