Lugano Diamonds stands for excellence and quality

Some brands are not just mere companies; they stand for excellence and quality. It is indeed difficult and extra-ordinary to make a company that has great market value and reputation all over the world. It all happens with hard-work, dedication, and excellence in work. The desire to serve people work as fuel in most of the cases and only few companies have that ability to retain that desire. One company that clearly symbolizes all the above mentioned is Lugano Diamonds.

The company has come a real long way in such a short span of time. Since its launch in 2005 at Newport Beach, California, the company now stands for excellence and great brand value. It is retail based jewelry company which has a great reputation world-wide.  Their designs and quality are appreciated and liked by people all over the world. The designs are very unique and showcase modern approach to traditional jewelry making and the corresponding designs.


The company has expanded so much in past years and the brand is expected to grow bigger and better under the hard work and vision of Mr. Moti Ferder and his team. Mr. Ferder is the President and CEO of Lugano Diamonds. It is his vision and excellence in his work that has brought company to such great heights.


The company caters to luxury that diamonds are expected to provide. It is a company par excellence and each design is an art and masterpiece, made to make the customer happy. A lot of attention is given to every detail so that their work represents the high standards that they have set for themselves. Their collection is available on the official website. All other details about their future goals, vision, etc, are present on the official website itself. Lugano Diamonds indeed exemplify what great work is all about.