Free Whatsapp Download for Android and Smart Phones

Communication is important for everyone. The world is moving fast and technology has taken over our gadgets. This has made communication faster, easier and cheaper among family and friends. In those days, when the phone was just for making and receiving calls, people had to spend to communicate with their loved ones. But today, thanks to internet and technology, that aspect has changed.

Modern communications system has advanced the way people talk. The birth of mobile phones and android mobiles means availability of a new facility called whatsapp. To download whatsapp for android, you just need an internet connection and an android phone,

Why should we download whatsapp for android?

Whatsapp is today’s popular form of communication. When we download whatsapp for our android phone, we facilitate faster and quicker way of talking and sharing with our loved one. This app has many exciting features and is widely used today. You can send and receive instant messages for free through internet. You can also share photos, videos and other multimedia messages with anybody who is miles apart from you.


free whatsapp


Whatsapp also lets the person enjoy unlimited communication anytime anywhere. It is easy to download watsapp for android phone. One just needs to have an internet connection.

Whatsapp download for android

Follow these steps for free whatsapp download:

  • Switch on the Wi-Fi or mobile data option in your smartphone. A smartphone or android phone will have that option
  • Open your phone’s app market page. Usually you can download from playstore or google store.
  • In the search section of the app market, type whatsapp and click on search
  • Once the web has found it in the virtual market, it will display the famous whatsapp icon.
  • Select the whatsapp icon, and click download and install
  • Once it completes downloading, the icon will appear in your home screen.