Electronic Shisha Trending Smoking Device in Australia

Electronic Shisha is the innovative and revolutionary rechargeable smoking pens, growing enormously in the Australian market. The critical reason for the huge majority of the people getting hooked to this advanced technology is due to number of advantages like the less health hazard, smokeless and varied flavors.

hookah Australia

Advantages of electronic Shisha

What do you think is better either a tiny rolled and filtered menthol cigarette or tall water pipe filled with molasses tobacco or a strawberry flavored aerosol stuffed electronic shisha? What is less harmful among these choices? Obviously e-hookah tastes better also much safer. Some of the typical advantages of hookah Australia are

  • Smoke Free
  • Non addictive
  • Safe alternative to tobacco

Smoke Free with no residue

The electronic shisha is battery powered attached to the cartomizer and produces flavorful clouds. Since it is battery operated there is no place for smoke that is harmful both for the smokers as well as for the inhalers in the surroundings.

Non Addictive

As these hookah pen contains zero nicotine there is no addictive nature and the device can be used as a pass time pleasure. Besides there is no pungent smell like the other conventional cigarettes or hookah.

Safe alternative to tobacco

Smoking hookah is super hazardous than smoking real cigarettes, studies reveal that one session of hookah is approximately inhaling one hundred cigarettes which leads to chronic illnesses and multiple heart and brain failures. Electronic shisha makes a perfect alternative to this traditional hookah where e-shisha can be tasted in the absence of nicotine. For the best quality you need to order from the trustworthy supplier so you can devoid of counterfeit devices.

Final Thoughts

Electronic shisha are turning favorite among majority of Australians due to the similar experience as the traditional shisha without pungent smoke. No credible studies implies electronic shisha are safe so totally not recommended for new smokers and non-smokers.