Easy tips to keep the house cat litter order free?


A cat can fill up the whole life. The cat lovers know how much love they bring to life, but the litter odor that they bring can be really a nuisance. There are times when the owners start to ignore this odor but when the guests point out or feel uncomfortable then the situation becomes really embarrassing. The cat genie reviews many products and suggests a lot of simple tips to keep the house odor free.

How to keep the house odor free

The cat odor may ruin the whole mood, the simple tips to keep the house clean are:-

  • Continuous scooping: Every would say that they do it maybe you are not doing it enough number of times. The catgenie reviews states that all the cat products will require efforts from the cat owners. The cat litter must be scooped each time when the cat uses the box. It may seem like a lot of work and the owners will feel stressed but once they will see the results it will not seem like a lot of work.
  • Keep the box in an open area: – We often find damp, dark corner of the house to hide the litter box. This makes the odor stay inside the house and make situation worse. A good idea is to keep the box in a well ventilated area. The fresh air takes the bad smell away and the house remains smelling good.
  • Change the box:- Most people feel that since we take all the cleaning steps we can keep the box longer. The fact is that despite all the efforts the box will start smelling after some time. The cat genie review shows many products that are a good replacement and not heavy on the pocket. They should be used and each should be replaced after a year.