Dry Itchy Flaky Skin under Eyes Facts: Symptoms and Cure

In between the busy working lives, it becomes difficult for a person to take care if his eye skin every day. This careless act causes different allergies and inflammations which may shift to severe reactions under eyes. Little dry itchy flaky skin under eyes facts are discussed here which may lead a person to be aware before getting affected by infections.

Symptoms of Itchy Flaks under Eyes:

  • Itching starts when numerous germs from outside penetrates the protective layer of the skin. This swells underneath the eyes and makes it red. The thin layer on the eye balls gets nerve inflammation along with affecting the adjoining tissues.
  • Continuous shedding of tears occur which is beyond control. This leads to severe pain and warmth of that area.
  • Sometimes the tenderness becomes so unbearable that one might catch fever and extreme headache. It is then followed with constant sweating of the face and for such exhaustion one might gain bone stiffness.

Other dreadful signs:

The infection can spread to several delicate portions of the body and cause life-threatening risks. Some are given below.

  • Neck lining gets rashes
  • Leg joints become rigid
  • Armpits get red marks
  • Head covers with pimples
  • Eyes swell up with tremendous allergies
  • Ulcerous inflammation
  • Can lead to cancer

How to Treat Skin Around Eyes Tips:

It is not always necessary to visit the doctor always and get prescribed with a huge lot of antibiotics and medicines. This can have a reaction to the other segments of the body and cause damage of the skin or internal organs. Few treatments are here.

  • Applying neem leaf paste or Aloe Vera Jell
  • Having tomatoes in sufficient number as they have vitamin C which is a natural germ-killer.

Renowned online sites as in ecellulitis.com article on under eye dryness have brought out useful solutions through their homemade product descriptions. Few ideas are extracted herewith to lead you to the right direction.