Common Vaping myths that you just need to ignore

Anything that makes you addictive is regarded as a bad thing because addiction is always has been associated with getting too much acquainted with the bad stuff. When it comes to being addicted, smoking wins the race. Almost 80% of today’s population is into a smoking cigarette and many of them get addicted. When you get addicted to a cigarette, you are not actually addicted to the process but the consumption of nicotine because that makes the most important ingredient of cigarettes. However, those who want to get over their addiction are exploring many ways, and vaping has to be one of the most common of all.

Vaping is a process of smoking E-cigaret but instead of smoking one uses a vaporizer to do that. There are now many flavours i.e. e-væske that are being added to vaping and it only enhances the experience of the one who is smoking. But then, many are now coming with the explanation that vaping too has its drawbacks and most of them are just not true. Hence, we are sharing a few common myths that are associated with vaping.


Vaping is equally harmful to smoking

The most common myth related to vaping is that many claim that it is equally harmful to smoking, but facts have something else to state. Vaping is somewhere like smoking, but it contains a lesser amount of nicotine which naturally makes it lesser harmful. This needs no further explanation.

Vaping makes you addictive

Another is that vaping makes you addictive whereas facts are put in an adverse way. A research shows that vaping doesn’t make you addictive rather it makes you rely on nicotine less and you gradually overcome the consumption of nicotine.

So, do not give your ears on these myths and buy your e-cigarette kit from Ecigaret Land today.