Bundesliga & the German Pride

Bundesliga is the name of German national Football team. Germany is a country where Football is an emotion. The country comes to a standstill when FIFA is played, and domestic matches and European leagues are no less than a war.

This makes the German national Football team Bundesliga, extremely coveted, relevant and popular.

Some Facts about Bundesliga

  • It is a federation
  • Bundesliga is responsible for selecting national level players to represent them in FIFA.
  • Most of the matches have witnessed highest stage attendance globally.
  • The match season starts from August and continues till May of the following year.
  • The matches happen on weekends, most of the times.
  • There is a dedicated app, known as Bundesliga app, which gives real time information about the matches being played.
  • Bundesliga is considered to be a hotspot for sponsors because of record viewership.

Football or Soccer?

Do you get confused as well? Well do not. Americans use the term Soccer for Football, and rest of the world calls is Football.


Fußball Bundesliga App


In Germany though, Football is also called Fussball, however for others, Fussball is Table Soccer or Table Football.

Is Fussball Equally Popular?

Since fußball and Soccer have similar heritage, most of the people tend to enjoy the indoor version of the game as well. Gaining immense fame, Fussball has become extremely recognized in Europe and USA, and people are extremely keen to learn as well as play the game.

Fussball does not need a team of ten to twelve players, can be played indoors with the help of an opponent, and keeps your mind agile and active all the time.

It is a must to play or master one game, either indoor or outdoor to ensure overall development of your mind. So get your Fussball table, and enjoy the game or download Bundesliga app.