Brief Discussion About PUBG Game

PUBG game is an online game and the full name of PUBG game is Player Unknown Battlegrounds. In this game hundred player can play at same time and can enjoy with everyone without any waiting. PUBG is published by PUBG corporation and blue hole studio on 23rd March 2017. The game is published by different publisher for different gadgets like tencent games publish this game for mobile, Microsoft studio publish for Xbox one. PUBG game is available on many platforms like Android, iOS, windows, Xbox one. Many pubg hacks are also available on internet.

Won many awards

PUBG game is nominated for many award category like best multiplayer game, game reports, ultimate game of year, outstanding achievement in game design, etc. After launching PUBG game, has won many awards in 2017 as well as in 2018. The winning award list category are as follows.

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Award list for 2017:

  • The first award name is 35th Golden Joystick and it is won in two category. The first category is Best Multiplayer Game and second category is PC Game Of Year.
  • The second award name is The Game Awards 2017 won in category of Best Multiplayer Game.
  • The third award name is D.I.C.E Award 2017 also won in two category. The first category is action game of year and second category is Outstanding Achievement In Online Gameplay.

Award list for 2018:

  • In 2018 PUBG game has won only one award in 3 category. The award name is 2018 SXSW gaming award and the category are esports game of year, excellence in Multiplayer, trending game of year.

PUBG hack version

As many of you play this game regularly for fun, some people use the pubg hack for playing. The hack version is made by third party and easily available online. In starting you play this game on hack version you feel very interesting because everything is available but after some months of playing you feel bore, so play with original version.