Are You Unknown To Ethereum Gambling? Here Is Idice, Fare and Secure

Everyone is well aware of gambling. Basically it’s a dice game based on bet and of course lucks. In today’s world where cryptocurrency is racing with other currencies, online casino games is the best platform to use of them. Idice is one of those gaming protocol. So before I talk about Idice there is some basic information that you need to know.

What is Ethereum?

There are many crypto currencies but Ethereum is coming in the mainstream now.

Ethereum is a software company which runs with its currency called Ether (ETH) and provides smart contracts in Ethereum.Its’ programming language based on Java scripts unlike bitcoins.


What is Ethereum Game?

There are centralized gaming applications which have built over Ethereum block chains. For the gaming purchasesand bet you have to have ETH in your Ethereum wallet.

Ethereum casino games are now trending and provide the utmost experience of gambling online.

Now talk about the money factor. You can’t bet without money and if you are not betting then it is not gambling. So building a casino on Ethereum block chain is smart move.

When you are in online gambling site based on Ethereum then your betting currency is ETH. You can exchange to your countries currency or buy ETH.

What is Idice?

As you have knowledge of Ethereum, Casinoetc. so it’s time to introduce you with Idice. It is an online casino dice game and available in mobile app. Having money in your Ethereum wallet will give you access to this game. In Ethereum wallet,you can buy bitcoins and then convert it to ETH. When your Ethereum wallet has ETH, start betting. This is safe and secure. But losing or gaining money is all about gamble.

Before starting the game follow the instruction, read the agreement carefully and then press the agree button. Remember this game is only for 21 and above age.